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WordPress is a powerful and widely used content management system. WordPress course will allow you to install and setup WordPress, create custom themes, plugins and widgets.

WordPress is a largely used Content Management System primarily used for developing blog websites but now a days almost any website can be developed using this powerful CMS.

Course Objective

  1. Learn WordPress Concept
  2. Learn creating WordPress Themes
  3. Learn to create WordPress Plugins
  4. Create custom Widgets

Why Learn WordPress?

WordPress is most popular and widely used Content Management System. Learning WordPress will enable you to create not only wonderful Blog websites but you can create real estate, dating, social networking, classifieds and other domain websites easily.

Is there any prerequisite for PHP?

Yes. Deep understanding of OOPs concept and PHP is required. Also knowledge of HTML / CSS and Javascript / jQuery is required to create wordpress themes and plugins.

    1. Module 1

      1. Introduction to WordPress
      2. Installation of WordPress
      3. WordPress Configurations
    2. Module 2

      1. Understanding WordPress Roles
      2. Roles and capabilities
      3. Creating Users
      4. Creating Roles
    3. Module 3

      1. Understand Post Types
      2. Manage Custom Post Types
      3. Understand Taxonomies
      4. Manage Custom Taxonomies
    4. Module 4:

      1. Overview of WordPress Themes
      2. Create new WordPress Theme
    5. Module 5:

      1. Understanding Widgets
      2. Custom Widgets
      3. Create and configure sidebars
    6. Module 6:

      1. Understand WordPress Plugins
      2. Write new plugin
    7. Module 7:

      1. Using Ajax in WordPress
      2. Data send and retrieve through Ajax

What are prerequisite for this course

  1. PHP
  2. HTML / CSS
  3. jQuery