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Mobile application development

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This course will enable you to understand android applications programming and develop simple to complex android applications from scratch.

We offer Best Android Training in Mohali

Android is an Operating System designed for smartphones and mobiles. It is largely used mobile operating system and around 70% of professional mobile application developers develops applications for this platform.

Course Objective

  1. Learn Basic JAVA Concepts
  2. Learn Android Concepts
  3. Learn to Create Android Application

Why Join Ingenimos for Android Training?

Android is most used Operating system for mobiles and currently Google has introduced it to Android TV, wearable devices and even Android Cars. According to a survey 40% of professional developers see Android as their primary target Operating System platform.
Ingenimos have expert android developers who can convert a novice student to a professional android developer.
After you become and Android Developer, you will have much scope in the job and you can also create your own android applications as a freelancer.

Other Benefits

We provide 100% job assistance with the android training course. So students joining this course will have better job opportunities.

  1. Basic Java

    1. Basic Java Concepts
    2. OOPS concepts
    3. Programming with JAVA
  2. Overview of Android

    1. Overview of the Android Platform
    2. Android User Interface
    3. Android Architecture
    4. Role of Java
  3. Android SDK

    1. Eclipse IDE Plugin
    2. Device Emulator
    3. Profiling Tools
    4. Sample Application
    5. Application fundamentals & user interface
  4. Android Application Fundamentals

    1. Android application building block
    2. Activating components
    3. Life Cycle of Application
    4. Development tools, Manifest File
    5. Life Cycle of Activity
  5. Basic UI Design

    1. Form widgets
    2. Text Fields
    3. Layouts
      • Relative Layout
      • Table Layout
      • Frame Layout
      • Linear Layout
      • Nested Layout
  6. Menus

    1. Option Menu
    2. Context Menu
    3. Sub Menu
    4. Menu from XML
    5. Menu via code
  7. Main Building Blocks

    1. Activity
    2. Intents
    3. Services
    4. Content Providers
    5. Broadcast Receivers
    6. Location based services
    7. Sensors
    8. Camera
  8. Data Storage

    1. Shared Preferences
    2. Internal Storage (Files)
    3. External Storage(SD Card)
    4. SQLite Databases
  9. SQLite Programming

    1. Introduction to SQLite
    2. SQL Basics
    3. Database Connectivity
    4. Data binding
    5. Using content provider
    6. Implementing content provider
  10. Publishing Applications

    1. Testing application
    2. Signing the application
    3. Versioning application
    4. Publishing in android market

Is there any prerequisite for Learning Android?

Yes, Prior Programming knowledge is mandatory. Also you should be well versed with OOP Concepts and Basic JAVA.