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Web Development

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A 6 months industrial training course designed to head start your career with working experience of complex and live project.

6 Months Industrial Training in Mohali

PHP is a largely used web programming language primarily used for developing dynamic web applications.

Course Objective

  1. Learn Coding Concept
  2. Learn programming with PHP
  3. Create web applications using PHP

Why Learn PHP?

PHP is base for all open source content management systems like WordPress and Joomla and MVC Frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

Is there any prerequisite for PHP?

No. There is no prerequisite for this course however having little knowledge about programming will be great.

  1. Module 1 (HTML)

    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. Features of HTML5 (Basic tags and form design)
    3. CSS
    4. Applying CSS 3
    5. JavaScript concept
  2. Module 2 (Core PHP)

    1. Introduction to PHP
    2. Introduction to Server- Client
    3. Variables
    4. Understanding Data Types
    5. Operators
    6. Writing Statements and Comments
    7. Using Conditional Statements
    8. Using Switch-case-break
    9. Arrays
    10. Functions
  3. Module 3 (MySQL):

    1. Database concepts; SQL query; access form data using PHP($_GET[]; $_POST[])
    2. Access MySQL using PHP
    3. Managing Database Connections
    4. Insert data into database using PHP functions
    5. Retrieve data from database and Delete data
  4. Module 4 (Advanced PHP):

    1. Performing update operation using PHP
    2. File Upload and download
    3. Storing Data in Cookies; Setting Cookies; Retrieving Cookie Data Dealing with Dates
    4. Use of session; storing data into session ;retrieving data from session
    5. File handling concept(reading and writing)
  5. Module 5 (jQuery / Javascript):

    1. Writing JavaScript functions; JavaScript Events; JavaScript Validation
    2. Jquery concept; jquery function; jquery validation
  6. Module 6:

    1. Ajax concept of Ready State of Ajax; Concept of Ajax Code execution
    2. Data send and retrieve through Ajax
    3. Live Example of PHP+Ajax
    4. Doubt clearance
  7. Module 7 (Introduction to WordPress).

    1. Introduction to Wordpress,
    2. Installation and Upgrades,
    3. Dashboard and Settings,
    4. Working with Contents, Themes, Widgets and Plugins,
    5. User and Roles.
  8. Module 8 (Live Project).

    Work on one live project after the course completion