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CakePHP Training in Mohali
MVC Frameworks , Web Development

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By joining this six months industrial training course in CakePHP you will not only be able to learn CakePHP but you will get hands on experience in working with one live project in CakePHP

CakePHP is an open source web application framework used to develop large websites and applications fast and easily. It follows MVC approach and very easy to use. We provide affordable and innovative 6 months industrial training in CakePHP in Mohali.

Course Objective

  1. Learn MVC Framework Concept
  2. Learn installation and setup of CakePHP
  3. Create web applications using CakePHP

Why Learn CakePHP?

CakePHP is a powerful yet easy to use framework to build small to large enterprise applications. CakePHP has evolved as a must-to-know framework and has been a reason for better career, salary and job opportunities for many professionals.

Why Join Ingenimos for CakePHP training?

Ingenimos have expert trainers having experience in CakePHP of more than 10 years in web development and worked on many CakePHP projects starting from CakePHP 1.1. We can train CakePHP to anyone having little knowledge of programming.

Advantage of Ingenimos for six months industrial training in CakePHP

Following are various advantages to join Ingenimos. Join Ingenimos and you will know that Ingenimos is best CakePHP Training institute in Mohali.

  1. Learn CakePHP Easily
  2. Learn Advance CakePHP Concepts
  3. Work on a Live Project in CakePHP
  4. Get 100% Job Assistance

Is there any prerequisite for CakePHP?

Yes, Knowledge of  core PHP and object oriented programming (OOPs) is required to learn CakePHP.

  1. Introduction to CakePHP

    1. Overview of MVC Framework
    2. Features of CakePHP
    3. CakePHP Conventions
  2. CakePHP Installation & Setup

    1. Installing CakePHP
    2. Using Url Rewriting
    3. Using Routes
    4. CakePHP debugging
  3. Working with CakePHP Controllers

    1. Understanding Controllers
    2. Creating Actions
    3. Rendering Views & Elements
  4. Interacting with Database

    1. Using CakePHP Models
    2. Understand Model Associations
    3. Learn Built-in Model Functions
    4. Create own function in Model
  5. Display content using Views

    1. Understanding Views and Layouts
    2. Learn View Extensions
    3. Playing with elements
    4. Using Forms
  6. Advance CakePHP

    1. User Authentication & Security
    2. Data send and retrieve through Ajax
    3. Pagination
    4. Understanding Components
    5. Understanding Behaviors
    6. Plugins